Acoustic Designer Art Noise Absorption Panels by Playscapes, AU-GIP*

Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks


Quick Overview

2" thickness. 2' x 4', 3 x 3', or 3' x 4' depending on theme. Installation hardware included. Made in the USA.

Pieces of art and sound control in one beautiful solution.

More Options

  • 2' x 4'  Harmony Park #1 (AU-GIP-HPS1)
  • 3' x 4'  Harmony Park #2 (AU-GIP-HPS2)
  • 3' x 3'  Seascape #1 (AU-GIP-OSS1)
  • 4' x 2'  Seascape #2 (AU-GIP-OSS2)
  • 3' x 3'  Seascape #3 (AU-GIP-OSS3)
  • 2' x 4'  Under The Sea #1 (AU-GIP-UND1)
  • 2' x 4'  Under The Sea #2 (AU-GIP-UND2)
  • 3' x 3'  Feeding Time (AU-GIP-BRD1)
  • 3' x 3'  MyPlate (AU-GIP-MYP1)

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Product Description
This blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers makes our product the greenest way to introduce noise reduction qualities into your space. When properly applied, Audimute® Acoustical Image Panels will reduce reflected sound and dampen echo by as much as 100%. Add style and acoustic sound solutions in any space. Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, No Fiberglass. Installation hardware included. Manufacturer's defect warranty.

  • Care Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water-free solvents. Light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup.
  • Fire Rating: Class A, ASTM E-84
  • NRC*: 1.0
    *The Noise Reduction Coefficient (commonly abbreviated NRC) is a scalar representation of the amount of sound energy absorbed upon striking a particular surface. An NRC of 0 indicates perfect reflection; an NRC of 1 indicates perfect absorption.

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    Brand Playscapes
    Shipping Info
    Lead Time 6-8 Weeks