Cajon Music Drum Stools by HABA, 024358 & 024412 & 024571 - 024573 & 109314

Lead Time: 12-14 Weeks


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Cajon Adult Drum Stool: H 19 ¼" x L 12 ½" x W 12 ½".
Children's Drum Stool: H 15" x L 10 ¼" x W 10 ¼".
Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

With child-friendly seat height and hand stickers that mark the different tones, so even beginners can start immediately.

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Product Description
Made of birch wood, includes a drum book. Perfect for teaching music skills, collaborative learning environments, sensory development or team building for both adults and children! Paint is child-safe. The Cajon is a musical percussion instrument created in Peru by the slaves, most of which were from Africa. Creating a drum that looked like a box and could be mistaken for a piece of furniture made it possible for the slaves to enjoy music without risking trouble from the Spaniards. The Cajon is a box made of wood, with a hole in the back to allow sound to escape when the front is slapped with the musician's hand. The musician sits on the Cajon and tilts it slightly while playing. The five sides are usually made of a thicker wood than the front, or the “head” of the Cajon – making differing sounds. Cajons are popular instruments in Spain, the Philippines, and in the Americas. You can also use metal or plastic brushes, sticks or mallets for a different sound. Perfect for 21st Century Learning classrooms, and STREAM concepts, Cajons are quickly gaining popularity in school music and sensory rooms and can even be used in mathematical patterning learning concepts.

Drum Stools:
  • 024572 -- Adult Drum Stool, White
  • 024358 -- Children's Drum Stool, Green
  • 024412 -- Children's Drum Stool, Orange
  • 024571 -- Children's Drum Stool, Blue
  • 109314 -- Children's Drum Stool, Natural
  • 024573 -- Children's Drum Stool Set of 4 (1 of each color)
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    Lead Time 12-14 Weeks
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