Children's Tulip Furniture by NOVUM, 4641443 - 4641446

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks

These tulip elements are an unique combination of foam shapes. Little
ones can sit in the middle, be surrounded and feel safe and secure here.

Tulip Furniture Elements by NOVUM, 4641443 thru 4641446.
Available in 12-Piece Set or Single Elements. 2yr warranty.

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Covered in a velour-like fabric
  • Comfortable with arched seat backs
  • Foam-filled parts are soft and robust

  • Furniture Options:
    4641443 - Tulip Complete Set: 29½"h x 89¾" w x 94½"d
    4641444 - Tulip Semicircle: 11¾"h x 39¼"w x 19½"d
    4641445 - Tulip Chair: 11¾"h x 39¼"w x 19½"d
    4641446 - Tulip Ottoman: 11¾"h x 39¼"w x 19½"d
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    Brand NOVUM