Backyard Noise Absorption Panel 12-Piece Set by Playscapes, AU-GBYTH1

Lead time: 6-8 Weeks

Creative noise-absorbing panels add noise control & design to any space. These decorative elements make for a quiet room during day and or night.

Backyard Noise Absorption Panel 12-Piece Set, AU-GBYTH1.
Dimensions: 1½" thick. Made in the USA. Hardware included.

  • Made from compressed recycled cotton fibers
  • Noise-absorbing material
  • Should be mounted outside of children’s reach
  • Completely non-toxic

  • Set Includes:
    Sun, Moon, Yellow Bird
    5 Stars, 3 Leaves, 2 Birds in a Nest
    A Dog & Oak Tree
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    Brand Playscapes